Product and Service

1. Skills School, Study on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2. STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) according to the approach of scientific experience and practical thinking
3. Organizing International Workshops, Summer School, and Study Tour
4. Training Basic and Advanced Research Skills
5. Training Skills of analysis, testing and identification of microorganisms as well as disease testing skills by molecular biology techniques
6. Consultancy services on Personal education and study abroad
7. Scientific research in the fields of natural and technical sciences, agricultural sciences, medical sciences, social sciences and humanities; especially research services in the field of biotechnology and life sciences
8. Service of development and management of scientific and commercial projects
9. Service of writing scientific reports (assays, theses, research articles, review)
10. Connecting domestic and international universities, high schools, research institutions, businesses and communities based on the values ​​of Education, Science and Technology.
11. Consultancy and Technology Transfer services on production, analysis, testing and usage of probiotics and microorganisms in aquaculture, agriculture, environment and health sectors
12. Service of analyzing and testing microorganisms in aquaculture, agriculture, environment and food sectors