Teaching portfolio

A. Visiting lecture and international training courses

1. Visiting Lecturer, “Microbial Enzymes”, for graduate students at Prince University of Songkla (PSU) in Thailand, 2013.

2. Invited Lecturer, “The application of molecular techniques in broodstock management”, Regional Training Course on “Broodstock Management in Aquaculture”, organized by UNU-FTP, NACA, Nha Trang University, Deakin University, DPI Victoria Australia, 2013.

3. Invited Lecturer, “Environmental Microbiology” (3 credits), Exchange Program for Czech students at Nha Trang University, 2011, 2013.

B. Lecture at Nha Trang University (for under/post-graduate students)

Development, Design, Delivery and Assessment of modules in the areas of Biosciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Aquaculture: Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Probiotics Technology, Microbial Technology, Cancer Biology, etc

C. Local training courses

“Molecular techniques for disease diagnostics in aquaculture”, Training course “Molecular Diagnostics for aquatic animal diseases”, for young researchers and local leader assistants, organized by the Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2010, 2011, 2012.

D. Student supervision

1. B.Sc degrees: >30

2. PhD/M.Sc students: >10

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